Our Story

Noble Lawn Care Boys

       Noble Lawn Care is a family owned company that has been serving your lawn and landscaping needs for over 20 years.   NLC was founded by Ray Noble in July, 1990.  With just a handful of customers and lots of hard work and determination the company began to grow. Ray believed in teaching his kids the value of a work ethic.  Cole, Tara, Clay, Collin, Jillian and Charlie all learned to push snow, renovate lawns, plant, trim and mow at a young age. All six of the Noble children worked for the company in the early years!

      Cole Noble got his start as a young child, at his dad’s side, helping as soon as he was finished with his schooling. Riding his mower down the street and pulling a small trailer that his grandpa built, Cole started out mowing his own set of yards.  Today, Cole owns and manages Noble Lawn Care, along with his wife Jennifer.  Cole is licensed and certified in pesticide and herbicide applications.  In addition, Cole and his crew remove snow during the winter season, with a fleet of six trucks & plows.  There are four licensed and certified Nobles working for the company: Cole, Jennifer, Ray and Collin.  On any given day, you can still find a Noble taking care of some of those original customers.  Even youngest brother, Charlie has gotten in on the act, as the family tradition continues.

      In 2007, Cole and Jennifer were married.


Noble wedding

Beautiful Noble wedding!

These photos were taken before the wedding so the bride and groom are not seen together!

Jennifer brought over 15 years of nursery and landscaping experience to the company.   (Although, Cole swears that is not why he married her!) Jennifer is certified as a Kansas nurseryman, as well as holding her pesticide and fertilizer/herbicide application licenses in Missouri. Jennifer holds her bachelor’s degree in biology and business; she is currently completing her Master’s in biology.  Jennifer also teaches college biology and botany.  She plans to build a greenhouse and grow her own plants for the many designs she creates. Click here to view one of Jennifer’s designs!

                Noble Lawn Care is a family values, multi-faceted company that can tackle most turf-lawn projects as well as diagnose your lawn, trees, shrubs and ornamentals for disease or infestations.  With the most state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technology in design, a fleet of fully equipped trucks and tanks, we are here to serve you, the customer.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Ray & Charlie getting ready to head out for the big plow.


Winter time with Noble Lawn Care means breaking out the plow trucks!


  Celebrating  Papa Ray’s birthday.


  [pictured are Tara Noble, Adia Noble, Ray Noble and Cole Noble]


DSC06935       Collin Noble headed out to spray some turf.

My Noble Men_June 2013

  The Noble men, relaxing after a hard week!

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